Midweek holidays have breakfast for free (su-th, mo-fr).

For a real holiday experience you can make use of our breakfast buffet in the breakfast room. The breakfast room can be found right next to our reception.  

From 09:00 to 10:30 staff member Ronja has prepared an extensive breakfast buffet, including warm rolls and fresh orange juice. On Sundays breakfast is available until 11.00. 

Costs: € 14,50 per person (children 4-12 years € 7,50).

Please note that we take your dietary requirements into account, with pleasure!

It is possible to book breakfast for one or several days until 4 pm the day before. Please call us to enquire about the possibilities or ask staff at the reception. 


Massage and Wellbeing 'NaturEl'

The perfect addition to your stay at De Vlindertuin is a massage performed by an experienced therapist.

A holistic massage at ‘NaturEL’ allows you a moment to relax, reflect and consider your own “path”. Taking time for body and soul, while you undergo a warm soul massage catered to your needs. You might experience muscle pain or other pains which you would like to have relieved, you may long for inner peace and tranquillity or simply wish a relaxing experience. Experience this with Ellen Mosterman!

For children 6 years and up a special kids massage is available. Massage is a great way to relax and unwind from a busy day on the island. Your child can choose from several different oils. Mom and dad may of course stay during the treatment.

Treat yourself and your child to a moment of overwhelming tranquillity! We hope to see you soon at 'NaturEL'!

The treatment room is located on the premises of De Vlindertuin, right next to the breakfast room.

More information:

Ellen Mosterman - Weijmans


De Vlindertuin isn’t called de Vlindertuin for nothing. Being and staying in balance with oneself is a true gift to yourself and the people around you. Astrid Reitsma-Verburgt offers you the opportunity to experience the following: 

The AromaTouch Technique is a wonderful massage using 8 matching oils that are aimed at creating a balance between body, mind and spirit in an effort to maximize the body’s self-healing potential.  Complete relaxation and a boost at the same time! The AT’s effect remains noticeable after the treatment. Experience Aroma Touch, the effect is incredibly strong.

Inspiration evening:  Lots to do, obligations, stimuli, meeting friends and family, work … Do you want to experience how essential oils can enhance your sense of wellbeing? Are you curious how your focus on work or studies can be improved in a matter of seconds? Do you want to know how you can boost your immune system in the fall and winter or how to undergo a detox in spring? Astrid gladly tells you more about all this in an individual or group setting.

The Healing Harp is a holistic approach to music. Listening to the sounds of a harp makes our entire body move and resonate. Energy flows. Harp music has uniquely healing powers. On a regular basis a meditation session with harp music is organized. For more information on data, please check at the reception.

Children’s Virtue Yoga is something Astrid enjoys facilitating. The yoga classes are organized upon request in the dunes or at the beach in the summer months.


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