The inner garden of the apartment complex offers plenty of space to play. The new sustainable wooden playground equipment offers fun for all ages and there is a large sandbox for the little ones.

There is plenty of outside toys available. It is weatherproof and you can therefore leave it outside. Do you have wishes for other toys? Let us know so that we may be able to purchase it for your next holiday at De Vlindertuin!

Ask at the reception for a box with toys of your choice and borrow games and books from our loan and exchange cabinet. There is a choice for young and old. That way you do not have to take everything away from home and every parent knows that children can play great with toys that are new to them
In the meantime, read a book yourself from our loaner cabinet. Or exchange a book by leaving your own chosen copy for other guests.

Would you like to color? Feel free to ask De Vlindertuin coloring page at the reception.

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