De Vlindertuin has a spacious courtyard with lots of planting, tailored to the ecology of the island and of course butterfly friendly. During the stay you can get started in the fruit and vegetable garden. You are free to use the existing garden tools and to relax in gardening. At the end of the day, you literally reap the benefits yourself. Mint, currants, strawberries and hand apples make the holiday a healthy experience. Grab thyme, parsley and coriander for your BBQ evening at our shared terrace.

We have opted for a local cleaning company to minimize transport costs and promote local employment. The company works with natural detergents and cleaning products.

Disposable items are avoided as much as possible. In our apartments we use reusable kitchen linen, wooden dishwashing brushes and eco soap. We ask guests to return the plastic packaging of the linen to the cupboard. The cleaning company then uses it again.
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