Checkout information

Rules at checkout 
  • Beds must be stripped and bed, bath and kitchen linen must be collected in the pillowcases.
  • Leave the house broom clean/vacuumed, without dirty or wet dishes. Dishwasher has been emptied.
  • Deposit the garbage bag and glass at the container collection point next to the reception.
  • Borrowed books and toys must also be returned to the loaner/swap cabinets.
  • Do not throw away perishable and closed food/drinks but leave them in the cupboard, leave the refrigerator empty. Place empty beer/soda crates at the container corner.



Check-out time is 10:00 AM. 9.30 am the reception is open for check out. There is a white key drop box at the reception in case you leave earlier.

No time or inclination to leave your apartment according to the above guideline? Then you can request a lazy checkout for €37.50.

We are entitled to invoice this if the apartment has not been left tidy. We trust that the above is observed out of respect for our staff.

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