Cancellation policy

Cancel your reservation

If you decide to cancel your reservation, we ask you to notify us in writing, for example by e-mail: Do not forget to mention your name and booking number.


The following amounts will be charged, depending on the time of cancellation:

Reflection period: No fee will be charged for bookings canceled within 24 hours of booking.

Partly refundable: You will pay 50% of the total price if you cancel after making the reservation and the total price if you cancel within 7 days before arrival.

NB! Your cancellation is only valid if we have confirmed the receipt of the cancellation to you in writing. We recommend yto ou take a cancellation insurance yourself.

De Vlindertuin reserves the right to cancel or change your reservation in case of absolute necessity. (e.g. in case of malfunction or unforeseen maintenance, etc.)


Cancellation due to factors beyond our control:
De Vlindertuin is not liable and therefore does not compensate if we are forced to cancel or change your reservation due to situations that are beyond our control, which we and our affiliated parties could not have foreseen, regardless of all precautions. This includes war or threat of war, industry disputes, natural disasters, terrorists, etc.

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